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Last Man on Earth: How Would You Behave?
How do you think you'd behave if you were the last person on earth? Would you run wild and free, or would you try to maintain some sense of decorum?
Channel Consolidation & Conflict: Back to the Future!
As much as everything changes, everything still stays the same. The fear and conflict that was once part of ordinary business in the distribution channel has begun to emerge as commonplace in the manufacturing rep community today.
Is Formal Verification Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence or not, formal verification is a technology that has become a must-have in the modern verification flow.
Wearable Cameras Next Boom Market for Image Sensors
Annual shipments of wearable cameras will surpass 30 million units by 2020 according to market research firm Tractica.
Resistive RAM Memory is Finally Here
Resistive RAM's low power consumption and small cell area make it a no-brainer for non-volatile memory.
NVM Express SSDs Hit Servers, Workstations
HGST begins shipping its Ultrastar SN100 series for servers announced last year as part of its flash fabric, while Samsung aims its latest offering at the PC and workstation segment.
Moore's Law Demise: Maybe It's a Good Thing
Moore's Law will celebrate its 50th anniversary on April 19, 2015. Many say that the statement or theory has run its course due to the next moves toward 450 mm size wafers, extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) and 20 nm CMOS.
The GaN Era Approaches
Gallium nitride possesses many characteristics that will allow production of power transistors that outperform silicon devices.
Making Wireless LoRa Design Easier, Faster
Microchip has a pre-certified coin-cell sized module to accelerate deployment of LoRa wireless networks.
Engine Yard Pivots Toward Container Management
New Engine Yard CEO Beau Vrolyk is moving the company toward managing Linux containers for developers, with the acquisition of OpDemand.
Transceiver Supports Dual 2.4 GHz IoT Networks
Industrial applications, home automation, and the like often need multiple networks to be active. This transceiver helps bridge them.
Moore's Law @50 in the News
Here's a sampler of some of the best of the reports that marked the official anniversary of Moore's Law on Sunday, April 19.
When Blueprints Were Really Blue: Is Engineering Becoming Less Satisfying?
Back then, working as a professional EE was like being a home hobbyist on steroids. Much of what we did, at least on the hardware side, wasn't too far removed from what you might do tinkering at home in your garage.
MINI Giving Drivers a Peek at 'Augmented Reality'
Although most drivers have yet to embrace the idea of head-up displays on windshields, MINI is leapfrogging to the next phase of futuristic motoring, with its introduction this week of AR eyewear - powered by Qualcomm
Qualcomm to Leverage Monolithic 3D for Smartphones
Qualcomm is looking to leverage Monolithic 3D IC technology to win market share in the 8 billion dollar smart phone market.
Full Human Head Transplant May Be Closer Than You Think
Suddenly, some of the things we read in science fiction books don't seem quite so far-fetched as once they did.
Automotive Chip Reliability: A Matter of Design Methods
Up to 90% of all innovations today are generated through novel applications of semiconductors and electronic circuits. In the project Resilient Integrated Systems (RESIST), ten partners jointly strengthen the role of nanoelectronic components as the key to future developments. The research focuses on design processes for microchips and next-gen systems that will meet even higher requirements in terms of quality and reliability.
Paper Memory Ready to Roll
Researchers at the Finish VTT Technical Research Centre have demonstrated they could print memory circuits directly on paper, using simple roll-to-roll printing techniques with a particular mix of commercially available metallic inks.
Top 10 Robotics Projects on Kickstarter
EBN takes a look at the newest robots coming down the pike. These inventors are making everything from educational toys to industrial tools.
Moore's Law: Dead or Alive
Moore's law is still alive and kicking after 50 years, but here are the technologies that are busting and boosting it in the 21st century.