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Japan's MegaChips to Buy MEMS Timing Leader SiTime
MegaChips, Japan's fast-growing fabless, will buy SiTime Corp. for $200 million in cash to leverage SiTime's MEMS timing devices to enhance its own SoCs and ASSPs for wearable and mobile devices.
Why Focus Solely on CPU & GPU When Reducing SoC Power?
The SoC interconnect is one area in which efforts to reduce power consumption need be re-evaluated.
UMC Takes Bigger Slice of 28nm Business
UMC, the world's third-largest chip foundry, said that it grabbed a larger piece of the 28 nm business that is dominated by TSMC. UMC reiterated its capital expenditure for this year at about $1.3 billion.
3D Prints World's Best Inverter
Oak Ridge National Laboratory wants to become the world leader in operational 3D device printing and has already started its patent portfolio.
Freescale CEO: 'IoT Isn't Just Buzz'
Two factors rejuvenating Freescale are the "explosion of connected devices" and "cars so aware of their surroundings that they can't get into accidents," says its CEO.
Lattice & Forza Announce Fully Reconfigurable Image Sensor
Smart sensors open a wealth of application possibilities in automobiles, homes, factories... anywhere sensors are to be found, in fact.
HP Tiptoes Into 3D Printers
Hewlett-Packard sketched out plans for 3D printers coming in 2016 based on its thermal inject technology and announced a novel 3D workstation for advanced consumers.
Developing a Sales Strategy
sales channel is a living organism. It needs to be adapted and changed as a company evolves, and that's how entrepreneurs should view it.
Battery Progress Reality Check: Good & Bad News
A balanced assessment of battery tech shows solid progress is being made but no real breakthroughs are imminent.
Radio Show Nov. 7: EMC Is Every Engineer's Problem
EMC engineer Kenneth Wyatt explains why EMC failures occur and what to do about them in this live radio show on Friday, November 7, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific, 2:00 p.m. Eastern, 1900 GMT.
Clouds Gather in Cellular Nets
Carriers say cloud radio access networks will be important for the future of cellular nets, but they still face real-time and software challenges.
Mentor Enhances Multi-Board PCB System Design Capabilities
xSD Systems Designer supports systemwide partitioning and repartitioning of functions to different boards.
Fake Chip Furor Challenges Counterfeiters
It's not often that a driver upgrade creates a social media storm, particularly with USB chips. But the Glasgow chip designer FTDI faced a storm of criticism after a new driver was released for its FT232R USB-to-UART bridge chip.
Sweden's Self-Driving Cars for Sustainable Mobility
Volvo has launched its Drive Me project in normal driving conditions on public roads in Gothenburg, Sweden. The automaker plans to have 100 autonomous vehicles on public roads by 2017.
Free CircuitMaker PCB Tool From Altium
CircuitMaker from Altium is targeted at hobbyists and makers, or people who are just starting to get into PCB design.
Where Are the Ceramic Vacuum Tube Holders of Yesteryear?
One of the problems Max has left on the 'back-burner' is how he's going to attach his giant vacuum tubes to the top of his Ultra-Macho Prognostication Engine.
Some Memories Never Die
When a major memory producer decides a product has hit end of life, there are often customers who still have long-term use for it and there are companies willing to step up to keep those memories alive.
ARM Cortex-M7: Abundance of Memory or Not Enough?
Whether the Cortex-M7 meets requirements depends on who you ask. The myriad answers point to the hairball of decisions and trade-offs in hardware, software, and systems today's developers are confronted with.
Kili Unveils 1-Stop Fix for Chip-Card Mandate
While US retailers struggle to keep up with the transition of mobile payment systems to new technologies like NFC, they face an even bigger challenge as US card issuers drag them into the new world of chip cards.
Wearables Ready for Work, Survey Says
A new survey finds that the majority of adults want wearables in their workplace, though the US remains behind in overall wearable acceptance.