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Sensors Build Case Against Cold
Heat Seek, grand prize winner of this year's NYC BigApps competition in the live and connected device categories, wants to keep tenants warm with inexpensive temperature sensors.
Let's Talk About Open-Source Hardware
Although the meaning of open source in software is quite "old," the use of the open source term relating to hardware is more recent.
DDR Memory Testing: Best-Practices
The strict control of clock and data timing leaves little margin for error in a DDR SDRAM interface. Testing of these interfaces demands adherence to some important best-practices to ensure accurate and repeatable results.
The Other Tesla
This Indiegogo fundraiser is for a Tesla museum in his decaying lab in Shoreham, NY.
The Zen of Spin
The concept of spin is ground-zero in relativistic quantum mechanics -- further removed from intuitive macro behavior than other behaviors we consider quantum.
All About Batteries, Part 11: Lithium Sulfur (LiS)
In this article we focus on Lithium Sulfur (LiS) batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, chemistry, and so forth.
Do Results Matter?
Sometimes you have to look past your enthusiasm for developing a new product and look at reality.
IoT Calls for Simpler Protocol
Chirp is a simplified messaging scheme geared for the Internet of Things where many basic devices will not have the muscle to process traditional protocols such as IPv6, says author Francis DaCosta.
HP Ships First ARM Servers
Hewlett-Packard is shipping its first mainstream commercial servers using the 64-bit X-Gene ARM-based SoCs from Applied Micro and TI's 32-bit Keystone II with PayPal among its users.
Nudging Toward a More Open Cloud
Fairchild Reinvents Itself
Fairchild is transforming itself from a discrete component supplier for everyone into a smart-module provider to just the fastest-growing industries, says president and chief operating officer Vijay Ullal.
Smartphone Shifts Automotive Processor Demand
Market researcher IHS identifies the use of smartphones in cars as the most disruptive trend in the automotive infotainment industry.
Feast Your Orbs on My Jiggly Exercise Machine
This isn't your mother's jiggly exercise machine -- this new incarnation works in a completely different way, its wonders to perform.
4 Reasons for Intel's $1.5 Billion Bet in China
China's quest to expand its domestic semiconductor industry suddenly looks more realistic and even winnable now that Intel, the world's largest semiconductor company, plans to invest up to $1.5 billion in Tsinghua Unigroup.
iPhone 6: Comparing InvenSense & Bosch Accelerometers
Why two accelerometers in iPhone 6? Chipworks attempts to get to the bottom of it.
Ignore Marketing at Your Own Peril
Marketing is an important element of your company's growth and a significant means of building brand identity. Don't neglect it.
MEMS Pioneer Raises $25M, Including Debt
SiTime Corp., a pioneer of MEMS resonator devices as replacements for quartz timing devices, has closed a $25 million round of financing that includes a $15 million debt facility provided by Capital IP Investments Partners.
Radios Tune Up for 5G
5G cellular is expected to drive work in a couple new air interfaces, massive MIMO antennas, millimeter-wave frequencies, and Gbit-class LTE, but many hurdles lie ahead, say wireless experts.
Friday Quiz: Data Acquisition
Test your knowledge of data converters, filters, and cable connections.
Intel May Invest in Spreadtrum, Report Says
Intel is considering an investment in the Chinese-government affiliated mobile chipmakers Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics, according to reports that raise many questions.