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Embedded Systems Programming Languages
The needs of embedded developers are sufficiently "special" that specialized languages have been developed to address their unique requirements, but none have found universal acceptance.
New 'Runaway Toyota' Case Tests DOJ's Integrity
Just as the memory of Toyota's unintended acceleration cases began to fade, at least in the minds of the media and a few million thus far unaffected Toyota owners, in comes Robert Ruginis to dredge it all up again.
Intel Buys Powerwave Patents
Intel acquired more than 1,400 patents and patent applications from Powerwave Technologies. The company purchased the patent portfolio for an undisclosed amount from an affiliate of The Gores Group, which obtained the patents following Powerwave's bankruptcy.
Ethernet: Ticket to Driverless Car
New vehicle applications will depend on high data rates that cannot possibly be supported by today's CAN, LIN, and FlexRay systems. The "eyes and ears" for self-driving systems, for example, will need a high-bandwidth Ethernet backbone.
Introducing 4 AXYZ's 3D Printing Wood Machines
4 AXYZ is in the additive manufacturing business. But instead of printing with plastic, the company has developed technology that would allow it to create the first 3D printing machine to manufacture solid wood products.
Talking About Cool Ideas With Proto Labs
Proto Labs expects to announce its next winners Oct. 7.
Creating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: Testing the 8x8 Panels
Creating an 8x8x8 3D tri-color LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks, one of which is burn-in-testing the eight 8x8 panels before assembling them into the final cube.
Will Artificial Hearts Be Next Big Thing in Medtech?
The total artificial heart might be the next medtech goldmine. Shares of artificial heart maker Carmat climbed nearly 20% in midday trading on September 5 amidst recently confirmed rumors that the company's technology had been successfully implanted in the second human patient.
Connected EVs Drive Farther, Project Finds
A research consortium headed by carmaker BMW explored ways to extend the driving range of electric cars at a given battery capacity. The result: Smart driving strategies and connected technologies can extend the range by as much as 15%, even with available batteries.
Moore's Law Has No End in Sight
Gallium arsenide (GaAs) will soon outpace silicon as a higher-performance choice for implementing integrated circuits, according to POET Technologies Inc.
Mars Probe Looks for Atmosphere 'Lost in Space'
NASA's latest Martian probe is fast approaching the Red Planet to begin exploring its upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the solar wind to determine why our once-watery planetary neighbor has evolved into a barren, frozen world.
3D IP: Intellectual Property Issues for Innovators
Patience Jones will be talking about "3D IP: Intellectual Property Issues for Innovators" at our upcoming conference in San Francisco this September.
19 Views of IDF 2014
Intel tipped a Xeon-class processor for microservers, a 3D camera, and plans for a password- and wire-free PC this year at IDF, where Rick Merritt had brief, strange encounters with Sergey Brin and a banana piano.
Friday Quiz: Electrical Heroes
Test your knowledge of electrical history.
Could AMS' Expansion Be Bad News for Europe?
An Austrian chip manufacturer getting hold of another wafer fab has to be good news for Europe, right? Yes, unless....
World's First 3D Printed Car Live Printed This Week
History will be made this week as Local Motors live prints the first 3D printer car followed by its first drive this Saturday.
2 Years of Plenty Coming for Chip Industry
Amid an abundance of market opportunities both in terms of applications and regions, the chip market is showing clear signs of a recovery, according to Malcolm Penn, CEO and principle analyst with market research firm Future Horizons.
Innovative Technique for Depicting PCBs Using Tiny Figurines
Alan Winstanley has been taking lots of photographs depicting a computer motherboard as a city populated with tiny figurines.
Drone Fun & Teardown at ARM TechCon
A mini-drone will be dissected by IoT World's editor in chief at ARM Techcon this year and then some lucky audience member will win a new drone for his or her own tinkering fun.
5G Research Rides MM Waves
Connectivity is difficult in dense urban areas, but using higher frequencies will be the answer to connectivity issues, with 5G in full use by 2020. Following an "enormous response" by attendees at the Brooklyn 5G Summit, researchers at NYU Wireless are furthering their investigation into the 5G spectrum and millimeter wave frequencies.