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Mike Stanley also blogs on sensors at Freescale and MEMSblog.

  1. Improved electronic compass software released: Xtrinsic eCompass software (MEMS Industry Group's MEMSblog)
  2. Free Android app teaches sensor fusion basics
  3. Building a virtual gyro (MEMSblog)
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  5. Orientation Representations: Part 1
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  9. Accelerometer placement - whree and why (MEMSblog, also posted as Where should sensors be located within the product? at element14.com, and at Product Design & Development)
  10. How much flexibility do you need in your sensor fusion?
  11. What in the World is Contextual Sensing (MEMSblog, findMEMS.com)
  12. Evolving Intelligence with Sensors (MEMSblog, findMEMS.com)
  13. The Zen of Sensor Design (MEMSblog, findMEMS.com)
  14. Back to School: Technology Advancements Offer Smart Start (MEMSblog, findMEMS.com)
  15. When is Less More? Examining Low-Power, High Function MEMS Accelerometer Options (MEMSblog, findMEMS.blog)
  16. Sensing Danger in Paradise (findMEMS.com)
  17. Sense the World sensor video contest results
  18. "Sense the World" Sensor Video Contest (findMEMS.com)
  19. MEMS Technology Summit (findMEMS.com)
  20. MEMS Executiv Congress (findMEMS.com)
  21. Magnetic sensor makes electronic compass design easy (MEMSblog)
  22. Hard and soft iron magnetic compensation explained (MEMSblog)
  23. Magnetometers come in multiple flavors
  24. Sensor fusion with the MMA8451 accelerometer and MAG3110 magnetometer
  25. Online data sets for inertial & magnetic sensors (part 1) (MEMSblog)
  26. Xtrinsic smart pressure sensor wins embedded AWARD
  27. Xtrinsic pressure sensor / altimeter: Part 3
  28. Xtrinsic pressure sensor / altimeter: Part 2
  29. Xtrinsic pressure sensor / altimeter: Part 1
  30. What is sensor fusion? (MEMSblog)
  31. Freescale Tower System supports rapid prototyping
  32. Source form for eCompass software and 4 and 7 element magnetic routines (Yes!) (MEMSblog)
  33. Degrees of freedom vs. axes (MEMSblog)
  34. Robot and sensor fun at CES 2012 (MEMSblog)
  35. Innovative sensor technologies at CES 2012 (MEMSblog)
  36. Radar enables active safety (findMEMS.com
  37. Inertial sensors enable active safety
  38. For your reading pleasure: News and resources for sensors, fusion algorithms and applications
  39. Tsunami follow up - sensors & models do a good job of predicting wave action
  40. Workshop on Intelligent Sensor Hub Call for Papers (MEMSblog)



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